Padel racket Chapter Two



A new padel racket developed in Sweden and a further development of the bestselling Chapter One. The new materials offer an even higher precision and performance. Drop shaped and with a harder core this racket suits the player ready to take the next step towards padel greatness. The frame of this padel racket is a 100% carbon and has a top frame reinforced by kevlar to increase hardness and flexural rigidity for that first-class performance. The core has an adjusted hardness and is composed by EVA and fiberglass. The racket surface consists of three layers of composite: fiberglass, carbon and an outer layer of woven carbon fiber 3K. The chapter two has a matte clean finish and a clean cut, arched hole distribution designed to give you a maximized experience in every game. The padel racket is delivered with a wrist strap to avoid racket slip during play, always leaving you game ready with Toalson Power Grip.

Technical specification:

Shape: Drop
Thickness: 36mm
Weight: 360 g
Balance: Low


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